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Market Closed. US Markets are open from 9.30-16.00 ET Monday-Friday. But you can buy stocks with latest prices right now.

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Welcome to Investing Education's free trading simulation where you can play with play money but REAL stocks, real prices and real experience. Participation in our games is free and won't ever cost you anything. Register free trading education account here

We give you access to almost real-time stock prices/quotes for any stocks available on the biggest stock exchanges around the world. Once registered, wander around our site to see different stock symbol lists where you can see the stocks with biggest movements forced by either bulls or bears on the market. If you don't know what bull or bear means in terms of trading, see our education section. No registration required for that, but we do suggest you to register to take advantage of everything we have to offer. Create yourself a free virtual portfolio and start playing and competing.

Investing Education's virtual investing game was mainly built for those who might want to become real traders, but who don't have necessary knowledge nor experience yet.

We try to offer you trading environment which you can use whenever you want to. If you have any suggestionsor have problems, please post them to our forums.
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